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Do’s and Don’t of post-waxing care. Don’t mess up a fresh wax by not caring for your skin after your waxing.

If you’re wondering how to care for your skin after waxing, read this guide for all the waxing aftercare do’s and don’ts that can save your skin from discomfort and infection.

1. Watch what you put on your skin after

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After waxing, your skin is ultra-sensitive, so it’s important to make sure the products you use are safe for your skin. Avoiding all artificially scented or colored products, from lotions to soaps and sprays can help make sure your skin is free of irritations.

Try using an all-natural nonscented milk soap the first few days after your waxing. If you feel a burning sensation from any of the products you apply to your skin after waxing, stop using them until your pores are all healed up.

2. Choose Only Reputed Brands for Specialized Waxing Aftercare.

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You’re dealing with the largest organ in your body: your skin. It deserves high-quality care, do not risk it! Make sure you use only high-quality, professional-grade products administered or recommended by a specialist

3. Protect those pores

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After a waxing, choose a shower over a bath for a few days. Submerging your post-wax skin in warm bath water can irritate the skin and make you more susceptible to infection. You’ll also want to avoid jumping in the pool or hitting the beach, where your pores will be most open to infections.

To be safe, don’t use hot water during your post-wax showers, opting for cool or room temperature water instead. This helps to make sure your pores are staying closed up and protected.

4. What not to wear

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After waxing, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t irritate the effected areas by letting them breathe. Wearing loose clothing can help make sure that there isn’t any rubbing or friction on your newly waxed areas. Chose baggy shirts and dresses for the few days after your wax to keep from uncomfortable chafing and irritations.

5. When and when not to exfoliate

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While exfoliation is helpful before a waxing, exfoliating after can lead to irritation and bumpiness. Exfoliating before your waxing can help open your pores and make any ingrown hairs more accessible.

Before your waxing, try an exfoliation cream and a warm shower or bath to get those pores wax ready. Wait a week or two after your waxing to use any exfoliating formulas again.

6. Use a post-wax oil

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A post-wax oil is a must for so many reasons. Post wax oils work to remove sticky waxes and residues that can stay on the skin after waxing, all while calming your skin. Your post-wax skin is super vulnerable, so an oil spray can help to heal and soothe your skin.

7. Skip The Gym

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After waxing, you’ll want to avoid the gym for a few days. Intense workouts are a no after waxing, as sweating can irritate post-waxing skin and cause infection.

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