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Down There Care. If nothing else, summer is the premiere season for outdoor activities: beaches and pools become our sanctuaries, outdoor workouts are at the top of our weekend checklists (right after brunch, of course), and last-minute jet settings are aplenty. That said, the season has its downsides, too. First and foremost: sweat. And lots of it. The occasional oily forehead can be managed with a splash of cool water or blotting sheets, but there are some areas that definitely require a little more attention — yes, we’re talking about down there.

So to keep you feeling fresh and healthy, even on the hottest of summer days, here are a few tips to keep your lady parts happy in this heat:

Feminine Hygiene, let’s talk about it.

Feminine HygieneDid you know that our vaginas are amazing little ecosystems that have their own bacteria and literally take care of themselves? It’s true. But that is an inside job, the rest is up to you. For starters, make sure you are choosing natural products that won’t strip the good bacteria down there, making way for the bad ones. In other words, ditch the bar soap and harsh chemicals.

To keep your skin free from bumps and pesky ingrown hairs, exfoliate with a dry brush or try a chemical exfoliant like one of our PFB serums. To help, we also carry an amazing line that has been featured in Vogue, GreenLiving, WeddingTV, etc. called I Love My Muff, made by women for women. As the Muff team says “from one woman to another, love yourself, love your muff and use the best stuff.”

Secondly, how is your wardrobe doing?

cotton undiesTight clothing plus heat, humidity, and long days in your bikini (damp environment), tight clothing or synthetic material is a recipe for ingrown hairs and infections. Be sure to throw in a fresh pair of cotton undies in your beach bag, wear loose fitting clothes while traveling or sitting for long periods of time, and let her breathe.




The most important tip is to stay hydrated with clean water, fresh fruits, and veggies.

fresh fruits, and veggiesAccording to the National Institute of Health, Inflammation is the number one cause of illness, hence the term “you are what you eat”. To keep your cells happy and to detox from the inside reduce your sugar intake and eat a balanced diet with a lot of fiber and healthy fats like, avocado, nuts, greens, and seeds. To calculate your ideal water intake half your weight and that my dear is how many ounces of water you should be drinking every day.

These days there are so many ways to take care of ourselves, it can be confusing which methods truly work. Find your flow and build a regime that works for you and your lifestyle. With these simple steps, you can only add quality to your Down There Care daily routine. Have fun.

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