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Getting Tattooed Get Waxed First. We know that if you’re going to get a tattoo, you’re going to need to get the hair out of the way for your tattoo artist. But if you opt to wax instead of shave, you will experience a longer grow back time and your hair is more likely to be soft when it grows in as opposed to prickly. You’ll already be healing from the addition of your new art piece – why not make it as comfortable a process as possible.

Getting waxed first will help your skin to become smooth before the tattooed process. Waxing is also a better choice than shaving since the hair will grow after a day after you shaved, while in waxing, it will take several weeks before the hair grows back, allowing the newly tattooed skin to heal freely, and without discomfort.

Fun fact: Later on (don’t do this right after your tattoo session) waxing can brighten the tattoo by its exfoliating effect – one you won’t get with shaving!

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