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threadingThreading is an amazing and ancient technique of hair removal which Waxing Co has been providing to our clients for many years. It is exciting to watch it growing in popularity and becoming more and more mainstream. If you’ve only just heard of it now we encourage you to try it – you might decide it’s perfect for you!

We adore the crisp, clean brow lines that we can get with threading. We also love that tweens and teens who may be using acne products can still come to get their brows cleaned up without a problem. And we are so thankful for how our older clients can transition right over to threading when waxing is no longer ideal for their maturing skin.

We could go on about the benefits of threading, but the best way for you to know would be to come in and give it a try. Your brow and lip will thank you.

Does threading hurt?

The answer is “Yes”, although other people say that it is less painful than tweezing and waxing since it is a lot faster and doesn’t involve too much tugging of the skin. However, any kind of hair removal is going to cause a little bit of pain.

How long does threading last?

It depends on a person’s hair growth rate, but on average, it will take 4 to 5 weeks for the hair to grow. You can also make an appointment for a touch-up that is less intensive than normal threading.

Does it work for any type of skin?

Due to the lack of skin damage and chemical use by threading makes it appropriate for all type of skins that are on medications that can cause allergies. It is also great at removing even the tiniest hairs.

There are still exceptions, you might want to consult your physician if you just have undergone cosmetic surgeries. You might want to give threading a second if you also have a highly sensitive skin.

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