Have You Tried Threading?

Have You Tried Threading?

Threading is an amazing and ancient technique of hair removal which Waxing Co has been providing to our clients for many years. It is exciting to watch it growing in popularity and becoming more and more mainstream.  If you’ve only just heard of it now we encourage you to try it – you might decide it’s perfect for you!

We adore the crisp, clean brow lines that we can get with threading. We also love that tweens and teens who may be using acne products can still come to get their brows cleaned up without a problem. And we are so thankful for how our older clients can transition right over to threading when waxing is no longer ideal for their maturing skin.

We could go on about the benefits of threading, but the best way for you to know would be to come in and give it a try. Your brow and lip will thank you.

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