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The other day one of our clients came in wanting to get her neck waxed for the first time.

Though she is blonde and blue-eyed, she had begun growing dark hairs along the sides of her neck – she feels sure it was caused by a hormonal change.

It was wonderful to bring her neck back to hair-free. We followed up with her usual brow tint and brow wax, and she left looking absolutely gorgeous. We’ll be seeing her again soon right before her wedding in March.

Hormones can certainly cause hair to grow in unexpected places. Some women experience beard-like growth during pregnancies, for example. Whatever it is that you’ve got going on, the likelihood is that we’ve come across hair there before and know how to deal with it. So come see us with your hairy situations – we’ll happily help you out!

P.S. If you do have a possible hormone issue we encourage you to visit your doctor and find out just what is happening with your body and get it resolved as soon as you can.

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