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Popular Waxing Trends All Clients Want

Waxing, in a word, is hell. But, it’s also one of the fastest and easiest ways to score a fuzz-free bikini line, which goes a long way in Hawaii. Our waxing Trends services are quick and effective, as we try to provide a waxing experience for our clients, which is as comfortable as possible.

Brazilian wax

Brazillian wax

This is our specialty of the House! Trust us, it is absolutely worth it. You will have oh-so-soft skin and feel so sexy! You will love it and your partner will love it too.

Full body wax

Full body wax

A full body wax usually consist of full arms, full legs, back, chest, underarm and brazilian bikini wax. You will walk out silky smooth from the neck down! Get a 20% discount every time you book 5 or more body services.

Waxing Party

Waxinf Party

Want a unique idea for a Girls Party? Too nervous to get your Brazilian Wax alone? Get your gals together for a private party at The Waxing Co.! With parties of 9 or more, we will close the salon to ensure your party has the full attention of our staff.

We will offer you a discount on services as well! Got a husband or boyfriend that looks like a little Cave Man? No worries, invite him to a waxing party where he can relax and get rit of the unibrow! We can also take care of his back or chest if he’s a bit shy to show some skin at the beach! We can let you set up coctails and pupus or we can take care of it for you!

Experience the quality of our treatments & therapies.

Other cool stuffs we do.


We carry a line of products that helps get rid of unsightly bumps and ingrown hairs. If you have a particularly difficult and embarrassing problem, we will help you solve it! We also carry a skin lightening gel. Some of our clients who are mommies experience issues with hyper pigmentation, or darkening of the skin, in sensitive areas.

Discover why we are the Honolulu’s Finest Waxing Salon. Book Now!

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