Brows are a crucial part of your facial structure and how you photograph. Come in for a brow shaping before any big event. Our estheticians will help you achieve the best brow shape for your face. Book a free consultation so we can start you on your way to perfect brows!

Is our Specialty of the House! Trust us, it is absolutely worth it. You will have o-so-soft skin and feel so sexy! You will love it and your partner will love it too.

Want something extra special for an unforgettable night? Ask us about our selection of Swarovski Crystal shapes that we apply to your bkini area for an extra sparkle. ITS SO CUTE!

Do you feel like a slave to your eyelash curler? Wouldn’t you LOVE to wake up to curled lashes every day? An eyelash perm is a quick, safe way to achieve permanently curled lashes. It will last about 2 months, and save you tons of time in your daily beauty routine!

Threading is a precise way to remove facial hair using twisted thread to gently pull hair from the root. Threading originated in India and has been used for centuries by women in Asia and the Middle East as well. It is a wonderful option for people with sensitive skin due to skin thinning medications such as Accutane, Retin A or Differin. Threading is dermatologist approved and a perfect alternative to waxing.

Want a unique idea for a Girls Party? Too nervous to get your Brazilian wax alone? Get your gals together for a private party at The Waxing Co.! With parties of 6 or more, we will close the salon to ensure your party has the full attention of our staff. We will offer you a discount on services as well! Got a husband or boyfriend that looks a little Cave Man? No worries, invite him to a waxing party where he can relax and get rid of of the unibrow! We can also take care of his back or chest if he’s a bit shy to show some skin at the beach! We can let you set up cocktails and pupus or we can take care of it for you!

We carry a line of products that help get rid of unsightly bumps and ingrown hairs. If you have a particularly difficult and embarrassing problem, we will help you solve it! We also carry a skin lightening gel. Some of our clients who are mommies experience issues with hyperpigmentation, or darkening of the skin in sensitive areas.

A full body wax usually consists of full arms, full legs, back, chest, underarm and brazilian bikini wax. You will walk out silky smooth from the neck down! Get a 20% discount every time you book 5 or more body services.